Operation Growth Spurt

To donate: click the add donation button, then click the checkout button. On the checkout screen add your desired donation to the giving level it fits under, then scroll down to finish the checkout process, as well as the option to make a reoccurring donation. Help us sustain the unique experiences of COGNiTiON and propel us into a future of better exhibits and a dream building! We have been donated a building in Beulah across from the Cherry Hut on US 31 that will quadruple our space, increase visibility, offer easy parking, bring life to an empty building and accommodate larger groups. Since receiving this amazing gift we have been working with professionals and volunteers to design the best updates and use of the space for science and discovery fun. We are asking for your help to raise the additional $165,000 to complete the necessary and slated renovations. For more information visit www.discovercognition.org

Options Options on Checkout:

Flight Plan; Gifts of $0-100: $100 impacts 5 developing minds for 1 year

Fuel; Gifts of $101-250: $250 Inspires 2 families worth of hands on experiences each year

Wheels; Gifts of $251-500: $500 Provides 1 new window for the building and Cog's future!

Propeller; Gifts of $501-1000: $1000 Connects 10 families to hands on experiences for a year!

Engine; Gifts of $1001-2000: $1000 Connects 10 families to hands-on experiences for a year

Aviator; $2001-5000: $5000 Creates 500 sq ft of inspiration

Wings; Gifts of $5001-7500: $7500 impacts 375 developing minds for a year

Flight; Gifts of $7501-10,000: $10,000 will complete an entire phase of construction

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